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Need to motivate and inspire your team?

Instead of the typical presentation that your audience expects to be the same old “driving the bottom line” talk, or hearing from someone that tells a great story but is totally disconnected to your audience, why not try someone who relates to the day to day challenges in business?

Having worked to support Corporate America for over 20 years, Shelley has accumulated the experience to know what’s on the minds of your employees. Let Shelley be the one to show you how- maybe you need to put the 500lb “gorilla” in the room, or does your team need know you understand their concerns and are listening to their needs.  Shelley approaches each engagement just as she has the hundreds of events she has produced, each with its own unique set of objectives, and each with exciting opportunities to be discovered and brought to life.

Shelley’s storytelling skills combined with her own captivating, unique background, and her experience with live training sessions have given her the skills to engage audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

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