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Take a look at the packages we have available for individuals and groups.

These coaching packages and workshops are great for both a professional and personal setting.

15 Minute Coaching Hack

Be able to tap into a quick 15 mins coaching session for immediate support on a specific project/challenge.     

Available to my weekly Mindful Community and Private Coaching Clients only.


Laser Focus Special -  3 - 1 Hour sessions for $500

Give yourself the Gift of a Personalized Vision for your Birthday or at another turning point in your life.   Get 'laser-focused' on a new plan for a special goal or project. Feeling unfocused, overwhelmed and needing new ways or support to reimagine or re invent? redesign?!  This is one of t best and most popular packages!  3 one-hour private coaching sessions for only $500. (this is a $900 value)  We will start with the where you've been, look at where you are now, and set a clear path forward. Learn more about your values and strengths and develop an outline for your purpose!

You will have assignments and support throughout this process, weekly coaching hacks by text, and a bonus of 15 mins session on a particular project/challenge through the process. You will walk away with tools you can re-purpose for a particular project, an in-depth look at your most important values, and a clearer vision of who you are as your best self. It’s the best gift you could ever give yourself! 

Click HERE to hear about a Laser Focus ~ Private one on one Coaching Blast experience! 


One-On-One Personal Coaching (6- 60 Mins Sessions 3 Month starter package) Professional/Life/Creative Visioning

Ever Ask Yourself...if not now, when?


If you’re asking yourself, “I need a new way forward, I want to take the next step (or leap) to transition to a whole different career opportunity, I need a clearer direction forward, a raise, a new title, more balance in my life, but I need HELP, what can I do? Who can support me in this?!” 

This is when you partner with a Coach. A coach is there to support your next moves through a positive and actionable process using tools and techniques proven to facilitate lasting change. Coaches are NOT just for star Athletes- Coaches can be your personal guide to be your best self!


One on One Coaching facilitates growth, awareness, and behavior change. First, we help you identify and leverage your strengths. We focus on what’s great about you and what you bring to the ‘party. Next, we map out the specific areas you’re looking for growth/change. Then we create an actionable plan and a framework of support that includes your coach, who will champion you through the whole process until you get the results you want!


Resiliency Training/Personalized Workshops (or One on One Coaching) on Managing Better through Life’s Challenges/ Work- In this NEW, NEW Normal!

Learn to cope with more, better


If ever there was a time to be able to ‘bounce back better’ and manage through challenging times, it’s right now. Yes, many of us are managing okay – we are all born resilient – but for some of us we are ‘just okay,’ with many days in between where we can languish… or just press through without success. 

Resilience is all about managing better. It’s a skill that you can learn and build into your daily life. Join a workshop to learn how to incorporate simple (daily) skills based on neuroscience and positive psychology that will enhance your mindset and help you better manage worry, stressful situations and help you problem-solve with a new outlook.

Resiliency classes/workshops are offered on an ongoing basis.

Activity/Topic examples:

  • Mindfulness over Mind Chatter

  • Growth Mindset vs. Judger/Stuck Mindset

  • Emotional and Mental Mastery

  • From Worrier to Warrior

  • How to Manage Worse Case scenarios

  • De-Stress Techniques

  • Mindfulness made Easy


Creative Workshops/Unique MasterMind Sessions:

Build a new project or create a new perspective with tangible techniques, including vision boards, life maps, and enhanced creativity brainstorming in these highly interactive, playful workshops. 


Follow the impactful techniques first introduced in the 1940s by Napoleon Hill in ‘his best seller; Think and Grow Rich. Entrepreneurs have used the MasterMind system, CEOS’ and many greats to take a goal from just a thought, wish, or idea to a tangible outcome.

MasterMinds are small groups (no more than 5-10 ppl) that meet monthly or bi-monthly to focus on a specific goal, get coaching, feedback, create new ideas, and have the benefit of group accountability. MasterMinds can be created for individuals, or small groups focused on one goal and help build communications, strategic thinking skills, and professional development. 


Professional Individual/Group Coaching:

Shelley has coached all levels of business executives, from CEOs/Owners and everyone in between, treating everyone with the same level of respect, understanding, and empathy. Shelley has helped take clients from ‘south of neutral’ to their best selves.

Using a combination of looking at the whole (individual group and customizing the program to your specific needs), Shelley helps create and support an actionable plan to help the individual or group achieve their desired outcome.


Example/Types of clients:

  • Executives managing a team looking to build a better, more cohesive, and productive environment

  • Employees struggling to work with a specific team member

  • A newly promoted individual needing more confidence

  • Entrepreneurs looking to take their business to another level

  • Individuals who are stuck and needing better mindset management

  • Someone looking to be promoted, change jobs, or ‘get noticed’ for their contribution


Confidence and Presentation skills:

Shelley has been coaching Executives on their presentation skills for decades Shelley gives you the tools to bring out your authentic voice and make your presentation memorable and impactful! She knows how to help you find the way to create your own story and bring any presentation to life, no matter the content or the channel (virtual or live).


Mindful Monthly Membership/ Weekly/Monthly Power Circles:

Join one of my small group/community sessions. Connect weekly with other participants who are managing positively through Covid.

Everyone needs a sense of “community,” especially now that most of us do not have the outlet that our offices or physical interaction once provided. We need to go beyond the space at home and participate in activities that offer an opportunity to flourish. BE with like-minded individuals who champion and advocate for you.


This is a Mindful Mastermind – employing mindful techniques that allow us to center, better manage our current home or work situation, and explore new ideas. Whatever is on your mind, this is a safe and friendly environment to get the weekly infusion of positivity and inspiration you need.

Participants are at all stages of life. Some are growing their businesses, developing new products, and some are looking for the next chapter. All have common goals of learning, improving their overall wellbeing, and positive connectivity. 


“ You’ve Got the Chocolate!"

A comprehensive Confidence Coaching Program offered to Corporations and Individuals

Who takes the “You’ve Got the Chocolate!” Program?

  • Executives who feel a sense of burnout from more than 2 years of managing the virtual world and need to re- familiarize themselves ‘back to the office’ or working in a hybrid environment.

  • Executives that are not feeling heard by leadership and want to be recognized for their contributions.

  • People who have lost their focus, are feeling and experiencing ”Imposter syndrome” (‘I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, no one is interested in what I have to say, I don’t have my Phd’ etc)

  • C Suite- Level executives that are interested in leadership training specific to their individual needs

What is ‘You’ve got the Chocolate?’ It’s a totally new and unique Leadership Confidence Building Program designed to meet the needs of today to help build a more successful, confident individual in this new world.

  • This is a bi-weekly program providing one on one confidence coaching for individual executives (or small groups)

  • It’s a step- by - step process of taking clients from their current state to their best selves by building on their individual strengths and values.

  • A program designed to help build (back) confidence in individuals working in a combination hybrid work environment due to the Pandemic.

  • The program is crafted with a combination of leadership coaching skills, resiliency skills, and is designed by a communications executive with over 25 years experience supporting executives in Fortune 500 companies.

How does “You’ve Got the Chocolate! "work?


  • Through a laser-focused program that builds self-confidence and taps individual strengths.

  • Clients are taken through researched techniques from cognitive and behavioral change, based in neuroscience.

  • Through our sessions (1 hour for individuals/90 mins for small groups) we will follow a format of individual goal setting, group masterminding, peer coaching and exercises to build greater awareness and accountability. 

  • We will examine the individual long-term goal and realize their ‘current reality’ in order to design the path for each individual attendee.