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Shelley Tupper: Coaching with a Change of Heart




Shelley Tupper is a Certified Professional Coach through the Leadership that Works/Coaching through Transformation program. Additionally Shelley has certificates in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) and Resilience Training from the Flourishing Center. She is also a graduate of professional programs from Dale Carnegie Training. 


Across a 25+ year career in corporate communications with the last decade focused on leadership coaching, Shelley has honed her talent in helping clients find the best versions of themselves and chart positive ways forward, both personally and professionally. Shelley's expertise draws on her extensive training – but also her own life experience in overcoming adversity. 


Over many years consulting for Fortune 500 companies and strategizing multi-million dollar brand stories, Shelley learned that nearly everyone needs help to engineer their own story, career path, and the life they want. After promptings from clients, Shelley formalized her coaching offering to help as many people as possible.


But everything changed when Shelley found out she needed open-heart surgery. 


Surviving this kind of experience inspired a huge "change of heart" for Shelley – literally and figuratively. After recovery, Shelley felt a profound need to "say yes" to life and stop missing important moments. 


She sold all of her possessions to travel and work in far flung parts of the world. Saying "yes" drove Shelley to launch a coaching and consulting agency back when no one knew what coaching was, and she went on to establish multiple businesses while living in Southeast Asia and Europe. Upon returning to New York, Shelley continued a successful career in corporate communications at PineRock, where she still thrives today on their leadership team. 


But then, everything changed. Again. 


Shelley found out she needed a second open-heart surgery. While it rocked her world, Shelley drew on the immense resilience and strength she had built from surviving the first operation. She knew she would recover, and even come out stronger on the other side. Which is exactly what happened: After another brilliant recovery, Shelley's "change of heart" was cemented and she doubled-down on her real passion: 

Coaching. With a change of heart.

Shelley's life experience informs her coaching at every turn, from teaching resilience to cultivating a positive outlook on life. Her empathic guidance gives you the necessary tools to inspire your own change of heart, and start listening to your inner voice. 


It's normal to feel unsure, stuck, or defeated. But Shelley knows – better than most – that it doesn't have to be that way. Life is yours for the taking, and Shelley will teach you exactly how to do it.


Your change of heart awaits.

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