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Happiness is a SCIENCE, not luck of the draw…as a certified Professional Life Coach and Practitioner in Positive Psychology, I train individuals and businesses on how to amplify success and happiness through proven positive psychology and coaching techniques


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Hi, I'm Shelley 

I am a Certified Professional Coach and a Practitioner in Positive Psychology. I'm also trained in MasterMind and Resilience methods. 

My leadership coaching experience began with a course in public speaking and professional development with Dale Carnegie and became 15+ years of supporting executives. Though I did not make it from there to here in one straight shot...

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“Over the years Shelley has contributed to my success early in my career as an executive in sales and later on when I started my own creative business.  I've relied on Shelley's amazing coaching support to help me strategize on how to move forward successfully both personally and professionally."

—  Page W/ Business Owner/Page Winter Studios



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This weeks Workshop/Community Discussion Saturday, March 6th at 11 AM-12 PM EST

Topic: Mindfulness + Celebrating Ourselves!


Place: ZOOM

This is a great time to be learning and expanding our understanding of how to live better in the most challenging of times! -I know how stressful and tiresome this Pandemic is for all of us- but looking at new and innovative ways to become our best selves and take advantage of this time in a positive way sure beats spending time wondering "what if" or "what's next" without actually having a real plan! Ask yourself- is it worth an hour of my time to learn something new and improve the situation we are all in now?  Join me each week where we have an engaging conversation around the topics of resilience, creativity, mindfulness, negativity, how to shift your mindset. 

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Shelley Tupper

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