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"I can’t think of a better word for Shelley than “Coach”.  We have been close professionally and personally and, in hindsight,  coaching has been her talent and her passion from the first job we collaborated on two decades ago.  She is one of the top performers in our industry and she defies any accurate, traditional job title.  She is an amazing listener.  She gains trust and credibility with her clients and understands their motivation, their needs, and what will both satisfy them and challenge them.  For the agency team, she steered us to creative choices to create the desired impact, on deadline and within budget.  She’s a skilled diplomat, evangelist, negotiator, and adjudicator. In the course of a job she was cheerleader, confessor mediator, referee, and score-keeper."

"My first experience of Shelley as a certified coach to guide me to my full potential impressed me with both her command of  the Positive Psychology Principles and the application of its tools.  I experienced tangible results overnight. Quite exciting!" 

-Philip S. | NYC

“You bring so much value as a career and leadership coach but also as a top event specialist, your added value regarding overall excellent event input was invaluable. Your time and expertise are highly valuable.”

-Terry J. | New Jersey

“Shelley is a focused, empathic and thoughtful guide in the areas of leadership and life with a strong understanding of the many reasons and methods for stress management, stress reduction and living life to its fullest.”


“I recently had the pleasure of attending the Positive Psychology and Resilience Workshop that was led by Shelley Tupper. It was truly inspiring, and the insights shared resonated deeply with me.”

-Iman T. | Novartis GA

“I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who wants to clear their mind and look inside with a new perspective. Shelley has opened my eyes to a completely new way of seeing my history. After years of more traditional therapies, this is very refreshing and I love the results of my newfound point of view.”

-Caryn | Florida

“Shelly’s thoughtful approach to connecting with people is at the core of her work. She has a unique way of focusing on specific themes in our lives and understanding their effect on the human psyche.  I immediately felt at ease with her and I look forward to taking future workshops or working with her one-on-one.”

-Claudia G. | Rhode Island

“So, the coaching process helps you understand who you are, what your values are. But for someone who doesn’t have many ideas about coaching, you get to know yourself and nail down your values. Shelly is right there to help you in that process. She kind of takes you under her wing and guides you through different kinds of exercises like visualizations, meditation, kind of breathing exercises to stay in your body and connect with what’s going on. So that was very helpful. It helps me to tune in more with myself again and connect to my strengths and get the energy I need to take the next steps for a change.


She’s an excellent listener. Through the methods she uses, like visualizations or some breath work, really resonated with me. So bringing in some spirituality, but just like a little more connection with your body, mind, and soul. She’s a really good listener, a lovely person, a human being, and I can recommend her to anyone.

If you are looking to understand your values, your strengths, and where you are in your life and to work with somebody who helps you to take whatever you want to do to the next level, I think Shelley is your person.”


-Stephanie | Montreal

“Over the years Shelley has contributed to my success early in my career as an executive in sales and later when I started my own creative business. I’ve relied on Shelley’s amazing coaching support to help me strategize on how to move forward successfully both personally and professionally.”

-Page W. | Maryland

"Thank you for the GREAT message in your email today. And thank you for bringing your expertise and passion to the [women at our company]. Thank you again for making this happen with such short notice. The informal feedback that I received was very positive and many expressed to me that more time with you would have been invaluable."

-Maribel C. | NYC

"It was a pleasure meeting you in person. I enjoyed the workshop and it definitely gave me space to reflect."

-Shannon B. | NYC

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