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Join a vibrant community to brainstorm new ideas, hone your creative tactics, or breathe life into existing concepts.​


With my extensive experience in facilitating brainstorms, I've contributed to the development of countless creative concepts, company missions, communications, and live events.

Give it a try; the experience is truly invigorating!

Energizing 2-hour Workshop

Price Range: $500 - $1500

Ideal for Small Groups

(5 - 10 participants)

Discover actionable steps to manifest your goals.

Learn effective techniques to actualize your ideas.

Visualize your project, idea, or life plan.

Craft Vision Boards and MindMaps to solidify your vision.


A mastermind group is designed to help you navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence of others.

          - Stephanie Burns

"Put two or more brains together to solve a problem and arrive at a more elevated solution than you would alone."


 - Napolean Hill 


Incubate Ideas

Promote and Cross-Promote


Network with Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Executives, and Goal-Oriented Individuals


Personal and Business Growth

​Peer-to-Peer Mentoring and Group Accountability

Coming Soon: Exclusive monthly gatherings, limited to a group of six individuals sharing similar journeys in either business or life.

Connect with like-minded peers through virtual video conferences.


Resilience, a mindset essential for both well-being and success, is a skill that can be taught. In today's fast-paced, competitive world, mastering resilience is crucial for navigating change and overcoming daily challenges.

In this workshop, participants will discover that obstacles and adversity are opportunities for growth and strength. They'll learn how to handle challenges effectively and "bounce back better" than before, equipped with the tools to thrive regardless of the circumstances.

Learn what resilience is and why it matters

Find your existing resilience and build it

Understand how adversities are essential to success

Learn to recognize and redirect stress before it becomes distressed

Turn your obstacles into opportunities

Learn to curb harmful judgments and redirect toxic thought

Limit feelings of being overwhelmed

Empower yourself with tools to present your true self to the world

2-Hour Session

$50 per person

Half-Day Session

$200 per person

Full-Day Session

$500 per person

Live sessions are available, alongside virtual and hybrid options.

Scheduling is flexible and can be arranged upon request.

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