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You've Got the Chocolate!™

Updated: Jul 1

Ever heard "You've got what it takes" or "You have so much potential" before?

What if you already knew in your heart, you really had "it", whatever that "it" is? That would or could, or WILL make your heart sing? Maybe that "it" isn't totally baked, or totally defined, but you know it's in there somewhere. You've maybe written a note, or many notes. You may have clipped images out and found music where the lyrics tell your story. You've danced alone to the beat of your idea, you've had many thoughts, maybe too many. You've shared with friends and family, and they've nodded, they have encouraged, they have sometimes said "I always believed in your potential - you can do this!" And many ideas have found themselves on the floor, stashed away, left in a pile, or in a lost notebook. Or even worse, never even written down. One idea after another, all seemingly better than the last, but LOST. Voices had crept in along the way, amplifying and editing over the voice that told you whatever it was, WAS a great idea but not really going to work.

Or your story is a bit different - you work for a company, you are part of a team, or are looking to take the next step, you have a shot at a promotion to a better role and you are asking yourself; "now what?" and along with that question there is always that pesky little voice... "who are you kidding, you're not ready."

Sometimes, the "it" in you picks up again, and the music plays a whole new tune, a new idea comes to mind, an idea that creates the hopefulness to drive you to set out on a completely new path. Or an idea you had now has a completely different light cast on it and you have a renewed sense of pride in yourself, along with the confidence to believe this time you can make it happen.

Does anything I’ve said ring true? Well, I know it's been true for me. And I know that "it" is there, and that IT has a voice that often comes alive or comes rushing through me and actually manifests itself in some sort of win, some gift I give someone else, some inspiration I share with others that makes a difference. It’s a YUMMY feeling, it’s so tasty it’s worth savoring. It’s a bit like CHOCOLATE. And that’s what I want to share with you, all the tasty Chocolate that we can all imagine, it’s in there, within us all.

Let me share how my Confidence Coaching can serve you something yummy; you as your best self! Learn how to use my unique coaching program called: "You've Got the Chocolate!™" and see what it can do for you!

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