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If ever there was a time to be able to ‘bounce back better’ and manage through challenging times, it’s right now. Yes, many of us are managing okay – we are all born resilient – but some of us do ‘just okay’, with many days in between where we can languish… or just press through without success. Even without Covid 19- we have all had to weather life’s ups and downs, to juggle and balance, home, work, family,  friends and everything in between; often with no time left for yourself,  for you and your partner, for you and your dreams. The list goes on! 


Resilience is all about managing better. It’s a skill that you can learn and  build into your daily life. Join a workshop to learn how to incorporate simple (daily) skills based in neuroscience and positive psychology that will enhance your mindset and help you better manage worry, stressful situations, and help you problem solve with a new outlook.


Resiliency classes/workshops offered ongoingly.

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Activity/Topic examples:

  • Mindfulness over Mind Chatter

  • Growth Mindset vs Judger/Stuck Mindset

  • Emotional and Mental Mastery

  • From Worrier to Warrior

  • How to Manage Worse Case scenarios

  • De-Stress Techniques

  • Mindfulness made Easy

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