I’m a Certified Professional Coach, and Facilitator in both Positive Psychology and Resiliency. We all know how we see ourselves and what is the best version of who we want to be, but we also could use some help. 

I will help you find your own path forward and ways to manage the negativity and noise that exists for us all to bring out your best self.  


Ask yourself, "would a 30 minute call be worth exploring to learn if Shelley is the right Coach for me?" 



Ask yourself if Coaching could be helpful in your life: Is the path you are on now taking you where you want to go?

Do you know where you want to go?  Do you want to lead? To show up as a "Leader"?

Or do you want a fresh start? To reimagine, refresh, redesign and renew?

What do you need to get 'there'? 

What could you do if you had someone helping guide you, helping you look at which direction to take?

What’s getting in the way?!  


What if you had your own “Life Strategist” working with you?


I can give you the tools to become more resilient, more positive, more focused and clear on what you really want. I will help you discover the best of yourself,  how to get unstuck, how to manage the voices that tell you “can't” or have “failed before, so why bother?”


Isn't it time for YOU?


Why wait another year, another month or another day waiting to figure it out on your own? Learn strategies to build a more fulfilling life, more successful career or business, and the means to figure out which direction is best for you! We are all worth it.




In-Person or Virtual Sessions 

(Phone, Zoom, Teams)

One 90 minute “Discovery” Session

Eleven 60 minute sessions, scheduled weekly or bi-monthly 

Package includes weekly availability for Coaching Hacks


Individual Coaching and Corporate Packages available

Pricing available upon request.

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Shelley Tupper

New York Area

Tel: 917-902-3616

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