Individual/Group Coaching for:

  • Executives and teams

  • Confidence and presentation skills

  • Solving Corporate Fatigue

  • Becoming more Resilient

Shelley has coached all levels of business executives, from CEOs/Owners and everyone in between. Treating everyone with the same level of respect, understanding and empathy. Shelley has helped take clients from ‘south of neutral’ to their best selves.

Using a combination of looking at the whole (individual group and customizing the program to their specific needs), Shelley helps create and support an actionable plan that will the individual or group to their desired outcome.

Example/Types of clients:

  • Executives managing a team looking to build a better more cohesive and productive environment

  • Employees struggling to work with a specific team member

  • A newly promoted individual needing more confidence

  • Entrepreneurs looking to take their business to another level

  • Individuals who are stuck and needing better mindset management

  • Someone looking to be promoted, change jobs, or ‘get noticed’ for their contribution


Confidence and Presentation skills

Shelley has been coaching executives on their presentation skills for years. She knows how to help you find the way to create your own story and bring any presentation to life, no matter the content or the channel (virtual or live). Shelley gives you the tools to bring out your authentic voice and make your presentation memorable and impactful!